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Hi all,
I don't know if any of you guys and girls have had the same frustrations as me when it comes to finding a neat and useful place to position and secure you mobile phones whilst driving. There's not alot of compatible phone holders on the market for the CT200H especially in the UK.
However I have recently found a good option for a phone holder that you do not have to mount onto the heater vents and risk damaging them, or having your phone snatched especially if you live in London.
Please take a look at the following link:
JIMISHA Car Phone Holder Phone Car Mount with Stick On Base Cell Phone Car Mount Sticky Adhesive Mount Holder for for 4 inches to 6.5 inches Smartphones

I have recently installed this into the vacant slot that sits near front passenger seat. All I had to do was stick the base straight on using the 3M adhesive pad and the phone holder slots straight in without any hassle. Pretty solid hold for my Samsung S20 plus in a rugged case!
View attachment 61831
I don't like looking down, though.
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