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Parts Needed for EGR Service

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I apologize for yet another EGR valve question, but I want to make sure I get everything I need to avoid headaches.

I have a 2015 model with 106,000 miles. This morning, I experienced the dreaded rattling for about 10 seconds when I started the car. I want to order the parts needed for my mechanic to replace the EGR system, but I'm not entirely sure which exact parts I need. I see an EGR valve part as well as an EGR cooler. Do I need both? Also, there is a vast array of pricing on these parts. Is it necessary to get the OEM parts?

Thanks so much for any help provided and I apologize for any redundant questions. I searched and couldn't find exactly what I needed.
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I have a 2015. This is a list I have made for myself. I might be missing a part, but I think it's basically complete.

EGR Valve2562037120
EGR Valve Gasket2562737010
EGR Cooler2560137010
EGR Cooler Gasket2568537010
EGR Pipe2561037012
EGR Pipe Gasket2563437030
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What are some symptoms or telltale signs that these parts need replacing?

I was contemplating when I bought my friend's CT200h in early 2020 but never got to it lol.
I believe one symptom included low fuel economy. I don't know the others without searching.
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Here’s what you need in the red circle for the complete EGR assembly. Don’t need the bolts unless your mechanic loose them.
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I only bought what I listed in my parts list in my above post. Is that going to be a problem? I thought we just clean out the main pieces and/or swap them out with replacements. I bought OEM replacements.

Doesn't the EGR Valve assembly come with all the little pieces that go with it except the bolts?
You should be good with cleaning EGR pipe. For the EGR cooler is really hard to clean the inside because you can not see through it. I soaking the EGR cooler over night with chemicals in boiling water if you’re on a budget. If you order the EGR valve, it will not come with gasket or nuts. What you see in the parts diagram is what you will receive. Gaskets are fairly cheap so I would recommend replacing them as well.

OK, well I bought these part numbers, and the intake manifold gasket. I intend on swapping the EGR valve, cooler, pipe and then I'll try to clean the original one later. Am I missing anything I need to do this service?

EGR Valve 2562037120
EGR Valve Gasket 2562737010
EGR Cooler 2560137010
EGR Cooler Gasket 2568537010
EGR Pipe 2561037012
EGR Pipe Gasket 2563437030
FYI - After performing my EGR service on my vehicle at 100k, I do not recommend buying anything else other than the EGR valve, check valve, and the appropriate gaskets. The other components were not even close to be needing a replacement/cleaning.
@MonkeyWrench - What is the part number for the check valve?
The part number is listed 1 post above mine. :D

Okay, you are referring to the PCV Valve. Got it!.. Just got our first 2015 CT with 101,000 -- What do you guys suggest I do for maintenance?
I would start with the basics. Oil, air filter, cabin filter. Check brakes/rotors. Check tire depth. Make sure all your fluids are topped up and you aren't loosing any when you drive.

If you don't have any problematic symptoms I wouldn't touch the water pump, EGR valve, engine coolant, inverter fluid, brake fluid. Check the battery fan screen in the rear passenger side seat. Make sure that's free of debris/dust. You're also still early for spark plugs.

If you feel like doing it yourself, you can clean just the EGR valve and put it back on the car. The PCV/Check valve is behind the intake manifold, which is separate from the EGR valve. You can clean it, but I wouldn't do it right away.

The car honestly doesn't need a whole lot to maintain it.
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