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Parts Needed for EGR Service

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I apologize for yet another EGR valve question, but I want to make sure I get everything I need to avoid headaches.

I have a 2015 model with 106,000 miles. This morning, I experienced the dreaded rattling for about 10 seconds when I started the car. I want to order the parts needed for my mechanic to replace the EGR system, but I'm not entirely sure which exact parts I need. I see an EGR valve part as well as an EGR cooler. Do I need both? Also, there is a vast array of pricing on these parts. Is it necessary to get the OEM parts?

Thanks so much for any help provided and I apologize for any redundant questions. I searched and couldn't find exactly what I needed.
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Thank you!! I was just about to make a post and ask the same thing as the OP. This is wonderful! Should be stickied to be honest.

I plan on doing this entire service in maybe in the summer time. So to me it's easier to buy all the parts rather than trying to clean and have down time...etc.

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