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Padded OEM Armrest Now Available

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Lexus now sells an OEM armrest pad, part number PZ319-76003. I purchased
mine via Internet from Magnussen's Lexus of Fremont. The armrest is currently
featured on their home page:

Use coupon code: LXSPARTS1 for a 10% discount. I received a better deal by
calling them. I paid $125.90 with free shipping.

The part comes with factory assembly instructions. Although I'm told it's an
easy install, for example, the underside of the center console has markings for
where to drill the mounting holes and no additional template is required.
I'm not a car mechanic, so I took it to my mechanic, and he installed it in less
than an hour for $55. Result: It looks and feels great, and my wife and I are
enjoying it on every drive!

I highly recommend this armrest pad modification. Check out the photos.
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Ordered it from my dealer and had it installed yesterday. Install took less than 1/2 an hour. Looks good. My wife is the primary driver of this vehicle and is 5'3". The arm pad will definitely make it more comfortable for her.
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