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In December 2015, I bought a used 2011 Lexus CT200h car which I was happily driving in Saudi Arabia till when I got the "Check Hybrid System" message before a month. I took it to the Lexus dealer, they checked with textrim system and found the error code as P0A7F – Hybrid Battery Pack Deterioration. They simply advised me to change the entire hybrid battery and also said its not available in Saudi Arabia. The charge which they mentioned is half the price of the car itself (around 6000USD).

It all happened when I left the car for 10 days, the 12v battery died completely where a technician jump-started the car from the rear area (later I found out that we can do it from the front panel). I changed 12v battery to a new one. The previous owner did not change the ATF oil which I did it.

The car is now in running condition. When I remove the Auxiliary battery (-ve) and put it back, the error code goes off. It will return back after a couple of days. I took it to many Lexus repair workshops, none knows about the Hybrid battery system. Even the Lexus dealer mechanic said he is seeing this type of car for the first time. :( The local Lexus Dealer sold only 2011 CT200h and they stopped selling it later on. I feel I am the only one having this car in the whole city. I dont know where to go from here.
What I doubt is that the hybrid battery has total of 28 battery modules inside, where one of them might went bad.?

Please provide any helpful suggestions. Thanks in Advance.

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Buy Dr Prius and obd
It will cost you 50 dollars more or less
It will give the hv battery check up
Read about it on the web.
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