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Ouch my windshield

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Love my CT. First drive out at 50mph I heard a splat and knew a pebble hit my windshield. When I took a closer look I noticed that the pebble had chipped the glass. I have been driving for many years and have never had that happen before. I am wondering if the windshield material is inferior or if the angle of the windshield is not slanted enough to deflect foreign objects.
Needless to say I am in the process of getting the chip repaired or the windshield replaced.
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glad im not the only one..
yesterday my car got hit by a rock and the windshield was fine
this morning it was fine too. now when i went to go out for lunch i saw this. i now want to cry
Oooooouch! DelSter you gotta stop pissing off those chicks. he-he
HAHAHAHA maybe it could be my ex?? j/k

And I havent been getting attn from the ladies.. only DUDES :mad:
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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