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Ordered!! What deals are out there?

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I'm finally proud to say that my deposit has been made and I will "shortly" be seeing a new OB on black sitting in my driveway! can't wait! Considering I only ordered a base model, I am hoping that it will arrive sooner than later!! Managed to squeeze $1150 off MSRP! :)

What are the timelines for everyone else ordering around now?? I was told Sept - Oct... hopefully it won't be into the new year :eek:
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I'm near Toronto, Ontario.

There is a website - and they have manufacturers wholesale prices. When I inquired, a representative e-mailed me the next day with an offer from a local dealership. I was amazed too, considering the previous dealer I was at was only willing to put the 3M bra and nothing off the price!
I feel the warm welcome :) Even without the deal, I would have likely purchased. The discount just made it that much sweeter! I can't wait to start looking into HID kits - i will probably have a few aftermarket parts before my car arrives!
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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