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Ordered!! What deals are out there?

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I'm finally proud to say that my deposit has been made and I will "shortly" be seeing a new OB on black sitting in my driveway! can't wait! Considering I only ordered a base model, I am hoping that it will arrive sooner than later!! Managed to squeeze $1150 off MSRP! :)

What are the timelines for everyone else ordering around now?? I was told Sept - Oct... hopefully it won't be into the new year :eek:
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I'm near Toronto, Ontario.

There is a website - and they have manufacturers wholesale prices. When I inquired, a representative e-mailed me the next day with an offer from a local dealership. I was amazed too, considering the previous dealer I was at was only willing to put the 3M bra and nothing off the price!
That's amazing, since CTs are rare and hard to get right now. I'm in Barrie, and nothing's left.
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