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Ordered original stabilizer bars

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Just for information if someone is interesting in it... I have ordered the original ct200 stabilizer bars (body lateral dampers) due to only top versions are equipped with in russia.

Here is the part numbers:
9017810030 BOLTS (NUTS) *

*need 6pcs

I will post pictures and maybe installation process if someone needs.
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I thought it should be possible to have them installed afterwards but salesman didn't know. Front one looks easy to install, but I'm curious about the rear.
Me too! You're absolutely right, the front bar is easy to install, but about rear it seems that battery must be dismounted =) so, it's about 100500 bolts there and ~80kg. anyway i'm gona do that.
The rear on the other hand looks unabstructed. The predrilled holes are clearly visable.
Hmm... could you please post a photo with the rear holes? Because i can't find them, thats why i decided that battery should be dismounted... =\
ok. at last my order has been shipped from USA today...
i'm expecting to receive it after 5-7 days =)
well, unfortunately my order got status "Undeliverable package" in GB (damn fedex!!!)
as i understand, now my order on the way back to usa and i should ask seller to send it again via USPS....
anyway i takes around 3 weeks more :((((((((((((((((((((
ok, my bars has been sent via USPS :)
meanwhile i have made a research of how to install the rear damper and my conclusion that it's mounted outside the car - car should be lifted and there is a plastic cover on 6 screws covering part of the rear suspension...
it would really be allot of help if we could see some photos of where the rear dampers are mounted.
No problems, Wong_bernz, 100% i will post images as soon as recieve them :) (expecting to recieve in 1-2 weeks)

can you weigh both dampers for me please?
Ok, will do that. First time when they was unsuccessfully shipped via FedEx, the tracking info was : 6.8 lbs/3.1 kg
But i'm not sure that this information is true (too light, think it's should be not less than 6kg)...
yeah! just received my order today! Total weight is ~3kg.

Here is the images:
Front damper

Rear damper

Nut (my mistake - need 6 pcs, not 4)

i have made a quick test - the front damper fits perfectly and installation is very simple, there is no need to dismount anything...
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I'm not seeing any pics? :confused:
Re-upload to imageshack, how now? :)
Wow! Congratulations!:D I need to order mine soon! Haha thanks for measuring the length and weight of both dampers. What can you say about the rear damper? Is it easy to install also? Please provide some pics If you have time.:p
Thank you! :) About rear a can say that it's not so easy as front. I have plans to install both of them in this weekend, after that i will provide complete report with images ;)

By the way, Wong_bernz, just for information - around 700$ for dampers and +80$ shipping charges.
I have made installation of the front bar only... Well, it wasn't so easy as i expected. Still can't find mount points of rear bar :( I have to ask my usa lexus supplier for information about that...

I'm excited to buy the dampers already.
Well, now i'm driving only with the front bar and don't feel any "serious" difference. Now i'm not sure that this bars are so necessary :confused:

I'm thinking of also buying the cruise control, but the Lexus service adviser here in the Philippines doesn't know for sure if my CT is compatible with cruise control w/o PCS. :( can you help me confirm that? thanks again!
Don't worry, order it ;) I'm sure you will be satisfied.
Ok, at last i did it. Rear bar installed :D
Pics will be in the evening...

Try driving on a winding road. It should dampen body roll.
Hehe, it's hard to find windy road here, perhaps somewhere outside Moscow... :rolleyes:
Here is the photos of rear damper installation, it was really very easy to do :cool:

Just look under the rear bumper...

And here is it

A closer look to the left mounting point

To easy, and takes about 15 minutes :rolleyes:

Result: with both dampers installed it feels that car-ride becomes little more soft (hope it's not a placebo effect :D)

Conclusion: don't expect too much, you get less than spent (750$).

ps: front damper images will post later
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The font damper installation is not so easy as rear. :cool:

1. Dismount the windshield wipers - just pick up the plastic cover to get to the each nut.

2. Now we need to dismount the cowl panel, pick up 2 plastic clips (1 from each side).

After that pull up the panel, there is a few plastic clips on the down side. Just push them with fingers and pull.

Then you will see the black metal plate, tightly screwed to the car body

You need to unscrew 5-6 bolts (don't remember exactly) to weaken the connection of the plate and body.
3 bolts from the left side

And 3 bolts from the right side. There will be a problem with one near the windshield wiper mechanism.

Ok, now install the front damper. Pull up the black metal plate if needed.

The nut space is too narrow (that's why we unscrew bolts from the plate).
Now pull up the plate and put the nut over...

Left side is ready.

Do the same from the right (will be little difficult than from the left side).

The result.

That's it. Now screw bolts, get back cowl plate and wipers. Then turn on the engine and go for a test ride :D

Hope that this "manual" will helps someone.
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i have already ordered the dampers! they will be shipping it on july 16th i think? :) im excited!
My congratulations, Wong_bernz! :)
Please, write here your opinion after installation...
support your detailed write up! ^^
Thanks! ^^
I looked these up online and the article I read said these come standard on the CT. Is it just certain models that include these? Or are these something above the "lateral dampers" I read about.
Yes, it's the "lateral dampers" you have read about. As i know, all USA CT models are equipped with, meanwhile in other countries not :(
Installed the dampers and had a road test at small bumpy and semi highway roads. I can feel the change in performance while driving after installing the dampers. The upgrade really made a difference.
Good news, Wong! I'm glad that you're satisfied with the result! :D
Btw I would like to thank SID for the detailed instructions with pictures to go that he posted. It really saved me a lot of time installing both dampers yesterday.
Thanks, man!

for the front damper, it took me around an hour and 30mins because of the nut near the wiper mechanism. Unfortunately I broke 3clips connected to the plastic dash cover behind the hood. it happened after I released the 6clips (push and pull). When I pulled the right side up, the other side snaps back in. So when I pulled the left side, I heard the clips snapped. Oh well, next time I will ask somebody to help me.
Yeah, actually my wife help me - to take pictures and bring the appropriate wrench :) I've broken 1 or 2 clips too, it's not a thing you should worry about...
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may i know where u guys order the damper?
My dampers came from the USA Lexus dealer, they give me a good price (compared to Swell parts for example).

Is the damper really make a lot of changes? If yes ... what kind of changes with the damper and without?
Hmmm, can't say "lot's of changes", it become softer, but changes are not revolutionary :rolleyes: I think Wong may say more clearly, because he is just installed them...
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