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Ordered original stabilizer bars

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Just for information if someone is interesting in it... I have ordered the original ct200 stabilizer bars (body lateral dampers) due to only top versions are equipped with in russia.

Here is the part numbers:
9017810030 BOLTS (NUTS) *

*need 6pcs

I will post pictures and maybe installation process if someone needs.
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Me too! You're absolutely right, the front bar is easy to install, but about rear it seems that battery must be dismounted =) so, it's about 100500 bolts there and ~80kg. anyway i'm gona do that.
I actually thought the opposite. The front looks like a tight fit. You probably have to remove the trim where the front wipers sit to access the pre-drilled holes where the lateral dampers attach. The rear on the other hand looks unabstructed. The predrilled holes are clearly visable.
1 - 1 of 52 Posts
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