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That depends on how he is getting your car. If he is looking at the list of inbound cars and seeing a match for you then you might end up with a 2011. But if he is placing an order for you to be produced from scratch, then according to the two dealers I have been working with and many others on the forum, you should get a 2012.

The timing is off though. The orders placed for 2012s should start arriving in November or earlier. Perhaps your dealer is "padding" the date? When your car arrives before you will be delighted? Or perhaps those of us who ordered a 2012 had it "padded" the other way, our dealers not wanting us to be discouraged having to wait beyond November.

Who knows? The point is this. Reportedly November is so close to the showroom floor seeing 2012 models & that you either should request a 2012 or request a lower price for taking the previous year model. Either solution works just fine.
I believe Dirvin is correct if you get a 2011 it will probably come out of incoming dealer allocated cars, but don't expect a discount. But the 2012s are supposed to be also arriving in November /December time frame it sounds like the salesman is hedging :D.
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