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Opinions on Paint protect plan offered at dealer

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Any one with experience with this product by 3m? I turned it down during FNI but contemplating doing it if there is a general opinion that it's worth it.
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Is that the clear bra? Definitely worth it. We've had 2 with and 2 without. Ones with had no bug or chip damage. Can't say the same for the two without. All 4 Lexus paint jobs, not cheap to repair either.
We didn't go with the clear bra because all the Lexus (Lexi??) in the showroom had them and you could see a line of dirt around the edge of each. Not sure if it was an application problem? But since we live in the windy dirty desert we decided to go without. Didn't want that line.
Does anyone have any long term data on these? I read somewhere that some had experiences that it yellows over time. I would be concerned with the hot sun exposure daily in some cities that it react or discolor the paint not letting it breathe? Also how easy to fix if the corners or edges start detaching? I look at my 18 year old red Volvo and do see some white specks in the front of the hood but you have to be standing right over to see it. My wifes 9 year old silver Toyota is even less obvious unless looking closely, I think the pearlescent paint is more durable than flat paint. I don't doubt that it will prevent the small stone chips, but overall for me, the risk of failure over time is more of a concern then what I am actually seeing from the cars we own.
Maybe they dust those cars off in the showroom and that's why you notice the line of dust caught at the edge of the film. In the real world that layer of dust is everywhere and you don't notice the edge. We have it now on a dark metallic charcoal and a light silver green. The edge isn't an eye catcher. You have to look for it.

I've never had one yellow but then I trade my cars in after 3-4 years. If it did yellow, couldn't you remove it? And reapply a new one if desired? It's just a clear plastic film.

The first rock chip you get on your hood, you'll wish you had it. Bugs are harsh on the paint as well. Better to have them sitting on the clear film until you can clean them off. Just my $.02.
A good film (the best one is made from 3M and that's what's on my car) will not yellow and will stand up over time. A good installer helps too.

But on a white car, the film WILL look a tad yellowish - nothing you can do.
Get it done by someone else for less than 1/2 the price.
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