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More than once I have been frustrated in trying to accessthe nav. system on my 2013 200 CT and was unable to because of being in motion.

A friend of mine suggest that I contact Prestigious SocietyInc. and have a unit installed that could disable the satellite link thatdisrupts operating the navigation system.

When I contacted Prestigious I was told that they had justreleased a new system that had a separate switch instead of using the Steeringwheel volume control to activate at lesser price.

The switch is small and is lit when unit is activated a helpin remembering to turn the unit off so that the navigation unit can talk to thesatellite (a 10sec delay and no more than a minute max)

After install, no regrets, System works great.

I highly recommend Prestigious Society Inc. They bend overbackwards to assist their clients and if you take advantage of their serviceinstall they do a great job.
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