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Off Roading in the 200h

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Two days ago in east Texas it rained all day, unfortunately in my travels that day i had to travel a dirt road. I decided that this was a BAD idea, partly because i nearly went into a tree (the car auto corrected nicely) and partly because i could feel the mud building on my wheels. My poor car made a sound that was very off putting it sounded like it was very mad, it "growled" at me like a dog would. It is driving fine now and i have not heard any strange sounds, i drove it to Hobby airport lastnight a 86 mile trip each way and got 45.6 mpg so i assume everything is fine. Has anyone else had this happen, is there any thing i should look for to make sure i got the mud out from underneath? any "trouble spots"? Thanks
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My car is still too new for any of that. I hate getting near puddles. That said, the CT is a very well sealed unit, with under body panels (for aerodynamics) that should keep the mud from getting anyplace it shouldnt. I would spend some time powerwashing the wheel wells and the lower bits. You should be fine.
yeah i know my Starfire Peral shows everything i washed it 3 times last week, strangly for the 1st time ever i love to wash a car. What i hate is the hills on one side of my town i get 46 mpg on the other i get 38, and yes washed the belly of the car all seems good thanks .
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