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OEM rear camera and cover with Lexus emblem into a car without the camera

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I have spent a few hours reading threads about the rear camera and haven't find any information about using original pieces to install the camera into a car without it.

I own a 2016 CT2000h without the rear camera but with the navi system (my radio is the 100286, I believe it corresponds to the 86140-76170 face lift model), and I have located a pre-used camera (6-pin connection), as well as the rear cover with Lexus emblem where the camera fits (to avoid drilling any holes into my car or cutting any part, and so that I can keep my original part). The seller confirmed that he can also provide the harness since the donor car is crashed and they are selling it in pieces.

Has anybody tried to do this? As far as I am aware, the plastic body part and the camera are easy to install, but the cables are the most challenging part. Also, I haven't been able to find any original harness for the camera, and even though the seller confirmed he can provide it, I am not sure he will be able to extract it from the donor car given the complication of the harness set-up. Apart from this, does anybody know if I can connect the original 6-pin camera to the radio with another cable or if I would need any additional pieces? As far as I learned by researching online, the rear camera should be connected to the 24-pin connector, below a picture I found online where I circled the connector:

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This would be my preferred way to go as to get an original rear camera which hopefully would work great without adding an extra screen and with the parking lines displaying correctly. But I am not 100% sure this will work and I haven't found any info from anybody else who has done it.

Thank you in advance to anybody who can shine some light on this.
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