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Odd Question About The Light Up Door Sills

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I had my dealer where I purchased the car install the light-up door sills. When I open the door, they are on. I seem to remember at the showroom locally when I opened up the door on the car in the showroom, the light up sills went from dark to fully lit kind of gradually. Now, I got to wondering if my light up sills are on the whole time and not going off when the doors are closed. I tried with the car on on both front doors pushing in the button that pushes in when you close the doors and the sills stay lit up. Any thoughts that maybe they hooked them up wrong? And, if so, I need to go to the local dealer to have them fix what is wrong. Need some help on this from someone who has them installed.
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They should be paralell wired with the foot-lights. So if the lights down there is off and the sills are on, then they have done it wrong.
You can find install instructions at sewell to print and give your dealer.
I believe the footwell lights can be programmed to be on while you are driving. If so the illuminated sills will be on also.

The footwell lights normally gradually dim from bright to off so should the sills. Read the manual about programming the footwell lights.
Ever since I installed my sills, I've noticed the well lights stay on all the time, allthough they dim after a minute (so I assume the sill lights are also on, but dimmed). I put the sills on the 2nd day I had my car, so I'm not sure if the footwell lights did that before or not.
Ok...figured it out...if you hold the button in for about 20 seconds, the lights on the door sills dim to off. Problem solved...I guess I just figured the would go off right away when the button was pushed...loving the car...I only put on about 80 miles so far but love how when I drive into my development where I live, the speed limit is 25MPH and the car goes from the front to my house on all electric...wasn't looking for the black but love the deep black of the color...and besides, I have heard the black one is the fastest (and gets 2 MPG more than any other color).
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