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Hey guys, As I was cleaning my car yesterday afternoon, I noticed that the On Board Diagnostics (OBD) port has kind of a wiggle or play on it. In other words, it seems it is not in a fixed location and you can move it around a bit.

In case you don't know, the OBD port is located underneath the steering wheel towards the left side. A picture of its location is here:

(Notice the red rectangle). The port is sunken in that location. Once you put your hand there, feel for a port similar to the old printer ports. Once you feel the OBD port, lightly push the port left/right back/forth. Please let me know if your car's OBD port also has a bit of a movement in it or is it completely fixed.

The reason, why I am asking is because, my other 10 year old car's OBD port is fixed and is completely unmovable.

In a way, I have a feeling Toyota/Lexus has made it a bit movable deliberately so that all different types of OBD scanner can fit in that sunken port location. But I want to make sure you guys also have a play in your port. I know my dealership's techs access the OBD port to reset the TPMS every six months. Hopefully they haven't damaged it.

Thanks in advance.
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