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I couldn't agree more with a lot of these posts. This will be my first Lexus, hell, my first luxury car. I've driven Fords for quite some time since I am lucky enough to get a family discount, and the 2012 Focus is similar to what was talked about at first in this thread.

Its got great styling, 167 hp, and for a few thousand less than I'll be paying for my CT, I could have a Focus with Nav, Parking assist, Backup camera, premium sound, and most importantly, Sync. So why in the name of all things big and small am I switching? A short list of reasons,

Fit, finish, and Traffic

You see the Focus may get 27/38, but even at a dead stop it idles. This means it burns gas just to stand still. Recently I've had three DC traffic days where I was standing still on highways for prolonged periods watching the Tachometer burn dinosaurs without consideration.

Then there was just how well put together the car was in comparison to the highest level of Focus. If you can afford the choice, the choice was clear.

I'll have to change the subject when I'm around my family, but I'll sacrifice horsepower to save some gas and improve my ride. Lord knows I'm in my car enough that I better enjoy being there.

Though I will miss my Sync.
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