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actually i did buy it for its fuel economy but willing to compromise on the numbers vs. the Prius to get the better handling, styling, and interior.
Exactly why I went with the ct200h over the Prius III. I was actually in the market for a Prius III and was just waiting a bit till things got less hectic at work before buying it. Luckily, I saw someone over on the Priuschat forums talking about the CT200h and when I looked into it, it seemed to address ALL of the issues i have with the Prius.

I my mind, I said to myself that if they could match the current MPG I get on my Prius II, I'd go for it. Low and behold, they did. While it is a bit of a sacrifice from the economy of the Prius III, the added features, quietness of the cabin, and comfort are really worth the difference and I can still drive to NY and back from Boston on one tank of gas.

Really it all comes down to what you are looking for. If you want raw power and care about 0-60, then this might not be the car for you, whereas if you want economy over everything else, again, maybe not the best fit.

That said, this is absolutely the best car on the market right now for what I want: comfort, gadgets, and economy on gas.
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