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I noticed it too - but only after 3 weeks of driving. The sound of the regeneration is not bad but this is even when I am in park and just touch the brake pedal so I don't think this is what it is.
I was always amazed at how silent the car was as I drove up the driveway into the garage in electric only mode. But now I hear a very very high pitched tone when I touch the brakes at low speed/electric only and even when not moving. I know for sure it didn't make that noise in the first couple of weeks.
I have my 45 day checkup next week and am going to ask. Amigo is your noise a really high pitched tone?
I am fearing my dog and all the other dogs in the area are going to be following me it is such a high pitched tone.
The noise I have is kind of machincal noise from the brake pedal itself. The noise is like something need to be lubricated.
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