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I ordered the "No Holes" license plate bracket and the left offset for the CT200h.
I installed on my 2011 CT200h Obsidian.
The installation took under an hour, but I think could be done in less than 30 minutes if you dont stop to take pictures.
Due to limits on attaching pictures I created an album on imgur:
Lexus - GoMiniGo-Home of Innovative Products for your car
Amount: $85.00
Item Count: 1
Description: NOHOLES' LPB Kit for LEXUS CT

Amount: $8.00
Item Count: 1
(This is the tow hook license plate bracket, everything in the kit is stainless steel)
BumperPlugs for Lexus
- Color: Obsidian
(these are the plugs for the bumper holes, they are just interior trim hole plugs but painted. You have to drill out your existing license holes using a 1/4in or 9/32in drill bit)

2011 CT200h: OEM Body (BUMPER - FRONT) Replacement Parts
(this is a new tow hook cover, it is unpainted and comes as matte black plastic)
The reason for this is to drill a hole in it for the "No Holes" bolt to go through.
Also, since my car is Obsidian black I probably wont paint the cover since it is not really seen behind the license plate and matches good enough. I could also just cut a hole in the original tow hook cover and use that.
FRYS.comÂ*|Â*Context Engeineering
5/8 Rubber Grommet from Fry's (probably could have used a 3/4in but they did not have them so I stretched it to fit)
$2.69 for a multipack of various sizes that can be used for other projects

The "no holes" license plate has one giant flaw. If you remove the tow hook cover, then you have a giant hole in your bumper where water can get inside. I decided to buy another tow hook bumper cover and cut a hole in it along with using a rubber grommet to ensure water wont get into the bumper.

1) Need to remove your existing tow hook cover. I used a small screwdriver to pry it open.
2) Install the "no holes" bolt and mark out its alignment. I used straight pieces of tape to mark around the bolt location. Then I put pieces of tape around the locating tape so I could remove the locating tape and the bolt. This was much easier then measuring and left no room for mistakes.

3) Install the new tow hook cover and then replaced the tape to mark where the bolt was.

4) Drill a hole using a 3/4 hole saw. It was a little undersized so I used an exacto knife to shave the edges of the hole a little bigger.

5) Remove the tow hook cover and installed the grommet in the hole.

Larger versions in imgur:
6) Install the "no holes" bolt with a drop of locktite on the threads just to prevent it from ever coming loose.
7) Pushed the new cover with the rubber grommet over the bolt and pushed it into place in the bumper so it clipped in.

8) Follow the rest of the directions for the "no holes bumper. I installed the left offset bracket using some locktite on the large bolt. I used a torpedo level to make sure it was level. Install the back plate using two of each: locknuts, washers, and bolts. Install your license plate using 4 of each: bolt, washer, locknut.

That is it.
The bracket is strong and not flimsy at all. I went through a car wash and it did not bend or come loose.
Lexus should do this instead of damaging bumpers by drilling holes in them.

Bumper Plugs

See the damage the dealership did when they installed the front license plate. I really feel that Lexus should replace the bumper for doing this damage.

1) Drill the existing holes to a 1/4in.
2) Insert Plugs



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Thank you for the fantastic write-up. I hope to never need to install one of these since my car's front bumper had the front plate holes filled from the dealer. But if I ever do get a front plate ticket, I'll be picking one of these brackets up.

Also, many would probably feel that your drilling through an extra plug was a waste of time, but I think it was a greta idea and would make this feel like more of a finished product.
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