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new wheel thoughts and opinion

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Like the title says. Idk for a fact but on ct200hforums I saw a thread that says our stock 17" rims weight 24.6lbs (no tires) I found a set that weight with no tires that are exactly the same dimension as factory 17x7.5 16.9lbs. The CT is my third Lexus I own. For daily only. So I wanna keep the same low resistance tires not worry about spending money on new and different size tires. I've already put a rear and front strut bar set. Injen intake hd morimoto hid lows. I figure with these rims they look way better and weight a lot less if the 26.6lbs are accurate. Mpg should increase with the reduction of centripetal motion. Thoughts on the look/style/weigh etc?
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What is the brand? Will the lip be that big on a 17x7.5?
Not bad. Look like work/volk knockoffs. Depending on the price, i'd just go RPF1's for weight savings.
$500 shipped to me. Not bad I think.
Nice, let us know how it affects your mileage.
maybe bump to 18s? i like a little bigger wheel but should look cool
They will look that deep with a 7.5.
Great, let's see pics where you get them
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