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Hey everyone, so i've had my CT for a little less than a week and i can totally see why there is such a following with this car. it's great!

I picked up a 2013 nebula F-Sport. I came from an is300 sportcross and the mileage compared to my is300 is CRAZY!

I am curious, is the car supposed to come with the device holder and cargo net? My car literally rolled off the truck when i arrived, so i'm thinking maybe the new car check-in people forgot some items.

Let the modding begin!

I believe the device holder comes with it. Did on the 2012.
The cargo net is an option. It comes with other items together as a package like cargo net, wheel locks and bumper appliqué. Again on the 2012 model.
Check the 2013 brochure if you don't have one get one from your dealer. Has all the info on what's what.
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