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Just bought a 2017 CT200H with only 55,000 km on it.

I think I got a good deal, one owner car with complete service history at the Lexus dealer.

Previous owner was obsessed, in a good way. Gave me a binder with all invoices sorted with separators.

I have summer and winter weathertech mats, with the luggage area completely covered.

Illuminated door sills.

Winter tires on steel wheels.

Summer tires are almost new.

It's replacing my 1995 LS400, so it's quite a change of pace!

No more V8 RWD fun but at least I'll do 40-ish MPG instead of 18 MPG 馃檭

And the LS required premium fuel. This summer at one time premium was 2.75$ CAD a liter around here, It was 150$ CAD to fill up the tank!!! And I would do 500 km on that tank...

I wish I had the space to keep the LS because I have a feeling they'll come up in value in the coming years but I don't have enough space. Decided to keep my other car (1979 Triumph Spitfire), so the LS has to go ;-(

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