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My family and I went to one of the 2 Lexus auto dealerships in Ottawa yesterday, with the specific intention of buying the Lexus CT200h.

I did not realize that the demand/supply ratio in North America was so high.

The salesperson told me that this dealership has sold 27 of this model since it was introduced, and that it is it for the 2011 model. However, at least 600-700 people over the year have requested the 2011 mode.

I was told that I was lucky, if I wanted a 2011 model. Someone else who had bought the model, just earlier this morning had cancelled his order. The car was still "in production" in Japan. I therefore put a $500 deposit for the 2011 model, and we will meat the saleperson on Tues, with our final decision on the car. There were no models on site, so we could not test drive it. However, he told us that the contract of purchase of the car would be conditional - once the car arrives, we could drive it (I did not ask him if that meant we could take possession and drive it for a few days, or we could "test drive it"); if we did not like it, the contract would be cancelled, and we would incur no penalty.

He told us that we can order this 2011 model, which will arrive around the end of Sept, or the 2012 model, which may arrive in Feb. Which one would you suggest. He told us that the 2012 model is by an large the same as the 2011 model, and right now, I can get the same price. Obviously, if we want to take possession of the car sooner, we would order the 2011 model. However, if that was not a consideration, do you see any difference between the 2 cars?

I suspect you ordered from the east end dealer.

The west end dealer has a dedicated demo CT onsite, and I believe that my CT is currently sitting in the show room. :rolleyes:
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