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New owner coming soon :)

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Hey guys and gals just wanted to say what's up before I'm a proud owner of the ct200. I'm in the 626 area of So-Cal. So hopefully once I pick the car up we can get some meets going

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Welcome to the forums! So-Cal, did you go with Philipe at South-Bay Lexus? If not you should call him before you sign.
I'm not sure where I'm going to go quite yet I'm just still figuring what package I'm going to get

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Thanks was wondering can any one help me figure out what the difference in headlights are?

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CONGRATS! I'm also 626!! YEAH! I'm down for meets :3
There are only two different types. Standard Halogen projector lens for low beam and a LED strip on the bottom with a small break in the continuity/line. The LED strip is the day light runner.

Secondly there is a full LED set up that is dual LED headlights in projector housings that work as the low beams and LED strip on the bottom with a continuous strip on the bottom. The full LED set up is roughly $1,100 more than the standard.
Do those both come on the F-Sport?

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Yes it is available on both standard and F-Sport. I personally have the F-Sport package (not the SE) and I have the LED headlights.

Hmmm then this will definitely help me make my choice anyone have a good choice on dealerships?

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Not to repeat; but your in a good place for the CT as they seem to be cheaper in So-Cal; I can only recommend my guy Philipe at South Bay Lexus. Professional, made me a great offer and was super helpful throughout the entire process.

When I had to buy my second CT because of the first one he helped get me going quick and painlessly; worked tirelessly to find me my Ultrasonic Blue; which at the time was less than 1% of production for April and May.

My only criticism was the finance dept. I told them I already knew how grossly inflated the warranties were and they still tried to jack me one. They eventually price matched from a quote I got on this board, but still I'm an educated buyer don't try and fool me...
If you don't mind me asking did you purchase or lease your CT? And what was the warranty package you got ? I'm planning on leasing the car. But I mean it just depends with my financial situation by the end of the month and what my trade is worth

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