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New owner 2012 in NY

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Hello all, just purchased a 2012 with 60k on the odo for $13k. So far it needs new headlight bulbs (apparently a common issue) and an alignment. Fingers crossed it has no other major issues, passed the Dr. prius app tests and no issues on startup or symptoms of head gasket issues. Drives nice and tight, a little vibration in the steering wheel over 65mph, hoping new tires and an alignment remedies this. Got 45mpg on the thirty mile ride home from the used dealer. Oil change and filters to be done this weekend. If anyone knows a Prius mechanic in the Hudson valley, northern NJ, or nyc Metro area that would be a help. Excited to get to learn the car inside and out.

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Welcome along Dan and congrats on the purchase. Feel free to post a picture. 60k is very very low for a 2012!
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