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G'Day Eh from Ontario, Canada.....just purchased a 2016 CT FSport with 52,000 KMS - was a Lexus C.P.O. vehicle so in pretty nice shape.

Many or most of the reviews I have seen about the CT complain about how slow/gutless/slugish, etc. it is.

I don't find it like that at all. Given what it is and what it is meant to be - I find it very adequate in terms of performance.

My only initial negative observations are related to tire noise getting into the car and, at times, the drone of the CVT. But I knew
going in these were issues so not really surprised.

Gotta love the gas mileage!

Looking forward to interacting on the CT200 forum and reaching out for advice/help as needed - and of course that is a two way street.

I'll post pics of the CT soon.

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