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Made the deal on Monday night , edmonton dealers are out of stock on the 0083 F Sport and they are geting it from Calgary for me , should take a few days to a week to get here.
We are trading in a Madza3 for something thats has enough power to drive arround town (as a delivery vehicle) good gas milage , and some luxury.
A3 TDI , we have been told they have stop production for half a year already and impossible to locate 1
Prius V . with about the same price tag as a CT.. nope
Acura ILX , had too many acura's in the pass and late models have been disappoiting
BMW ,by the time we add up what we want .. most the time its at high 40s
Benz , CLA is not out till mid sept here in Canada

CT200H with the experience with our RX450H ( gas milage, fit and finish) service department is awsome, i have to say the pass years i have had so many BMW M's (E92M3,X6M,E93M3, and now the F10M5) and the service i get from the lexus dealership is night and day from BMW,

so thats how you guys got me here :D
Mods to come as
Navi , too bad the F sport just dont have that option
replica Tom's body kit (499 painted,shipped,i just cant see myself paying 2000+ for the real thing)
might have it lowered once i have the bodykit put on , see how bad it looks with out lowering first
Tom's shift knob... just dont care the look of the factory one
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