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Just got my first Lexus and first Hybrid yesterday before the new year. I traded in my Mini Cooper S Turbo. Everyone wants to know how's the CT's handling compare to the Mini. Well... nothing compares to a Mini in handling. ;) But nothing compares to the Mini's repair cost too. I am spending like $1k every time a part broke or wore out. And I am burning a quart of oil every 1000 mile which Mini claims is normal for the car. So I said good bye to the Mini and hello to the CT!

The CT drove pretty good actually. In sport mode, it drives better than my parents' Audi A4. The only thing I am still getting used to is the regen brake sound. When the window is open, it sounds like police siren from a distance. I love the BT with the iphone. I just wish that it would not auto start up my music every time I turn on the car. And the driver seat is really really comfortable which is good for my 100 miles commute everyday. Now I have to figure out how to break in the car without driving at constant speed on my freeway commute.

Happy new year everyone!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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