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Hey, new guy here from TN. First time posting, long time reading.

Picking up a 2015 CT200h for the wife's daily this past week in Eminent White Pearl with Caramel interior. Car dealer friend picked it up at auction for me last week, and I'll take delivery of the vehicle next Monday.

Little about me: I'm an old school gearhead and like anything that moves- cars, trucks, bikes, kayaks. If you gave me a box, I'd put wheels on it and try and race some friends somehow. I've helped run a local euro enthusiast page for well over the past decade, and have recently thinned the herd down to 4 vehicles, including my 100 series LX470, expo/overland build.

Thanks to the admins and members here for putting together a great forum.

mandatory haven't picked it up yet, but it just got unloaded from the truck photo, and random shot of my LX showing some 35's. Bumpers and rock sliders are back on the LX, and were off for paint, but can barely be seen in the left hand side of the frame.



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