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Lexus CT200h Business Line Pro , 2011, Tungsten Pearl
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Hi Erick, just wondering, do you now have the oem 17 inch with the coilovers fitted? If yes, do you have a picture to share because I really like to know what that looks like.

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Hi Erick,

Nice to see that you enjoy this car so much. I'm the previous and second owner and had it for 4 years. I bought it from athlon lease in Rotterdam when it was 4 years old and 83.000 on it and drove it till 206.000km without any repair. I treated it very well as you can see. Last year april I found a IS300h from 2014 with 106.000km in lexus Breda, same color, even a few options more on the almost full option ct.

I spend about 300€ on additional noise reduction material which I added in the trunk, under the seats and in the doors, because I didn't like the road and wind noise at higher speed. That improved the comfort a lot.

Did you know the car was placed in the magazine autoweek when it was for sale? I will add some scans if you like. I still have it.

I really liked the car and it turned out to be a good deal as well. My girlfriend and I enjoyed it a lot on holidays, we drove to Norway, England, Slovenia, Austria and more. Outside the Netherlands people look at it as they have never seen such before. I hope you enjoy it for many more years they can run up to 400.000 without problems if you treat it well.


Somewhere in Norway.



I also had black 17inch original rims for the winter tires which I sold separately.

Below your CT and the IS300h that I have now for almost a year.


And to remind I have them in scale model as well (before the ct I had the MB 300TD)



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