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New ct body kit

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Did anyone see the new 5 Axis body kit at the ATL auto show? Very, very sharp! (no I do not work for 5 Axis) It was a custom so I do not know if they plan to mass produce the kit, but it was one of the coolest I've ever seen... The shaved back door handles were a bit over the top, but for a show worked. Drilled rotors and black rims... It really got a ton of attention. Sorry I didn't have a camara, but there was plenty of folks snapping pic's so I'm sure they are out there somewhere...
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Oooh!! Awwhhh!! Nice pics Ken... (drooling)
Looks like they integrated an iPad into the interior? Looks great!
I think they should use the metal triangle in the middle of the rear bumper and do a functional 3 pipe exhaust tip like the LFA... keeping it in the family :)
The shaved back door handles were a bit over the top
That may be my favorite part....very cool!
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