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New catalytic converter on its way...

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Hello all. Haven't posted in quite some time. Been busy. Getting my services through Lexus of Monterey.

Anyway my '11 has roughly 177k on the odometer and has been running without so much as a hiccup until I noticed about six months ago a faint rattling underneath the car. Intermittent and faint. Now, it sounds, when at the beginning of the rev range, it rattles like an old Cadillac. Drives silentlyI think it came from the fuel induction service performed by Lexus.

That's the only thing I think could have damaged it despite the miles. New one should be here in 4-5 days.
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This sounds more like a heat shield than the actual cat.
But, without actually hearing it, it's nothing more than a guess.

Have you actually had it looked at?
Yes. Had it on a lift with me brake torquing as best i could trying to replicate the noise. Tech caught it. Right from the cat unfortunately.
I had similar sound one day. One fixture for plastic cover was broken. Replaced it and sound disappeared.
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