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I still haven't decided about keeping my HTC, but one of the big annoyances is that I keep getting a failure notice when I try to import my contact. It's weird, because it was instant and painless with my iPhone.

I can't tell if it's a Nav system or phone setting that's the issue. I'm guessing phone somehow, but this shouldn't be hard. I saw Jeff's video about loading them one at a time for the non-nav system, but surely that's not my only option - is it? Any other Android folks with a suggestion? :confused:
Hi Met.. I don't have Nav, so it is hard for me to check more details of this for you.. I did check the Thunderbolt and it seems to have all the needed profiles.. HFP, OPP and PBA...

If it were me at this point, I would try to Re-initialize the hand-free system or maybe the Nav system. I saw in the Nav manual one can delete all personal info from the system. (page 309)

And reset your HTC... (This can be a pain if you have a lot of setting up to do.. etc... I did it a few times on my HTC until I got some things figured out) Settings, SD & Phone storage, Factory data reset... (under Settings, Privacy, one can turn off or on "backup settings" and "auto restore". these help restore all the apps you have installed and other settings.. good or bad?? depending...)

Then try the setup again. After you've already paired your phone and go in to "phone" and select "contacts" the first time it should say "The phonebook is empty. Would you like to transfer new contacts?"

Wish I had Nav to investigate this more... Good luck... Roger:)
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