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Happy with Nav.

I have a Starfire Pearl CT200h with the Navigation system. The flip up screen is nice and bright and provides a great deal of additional information other than the navigation maps. For instance your cell phone. Your contacts and speed dials are easily visible and accessible on the screen. Radio station presets are organized in file groups of 6 by name and frequency number. If a song is playing on the radio you can see information about the song name and artist.
Phone answering is great. With Bluetooth you answer right though a steering wheel control on the right. Voice dialing by name or number also is done through the car's interface.
The screen also shows interesting information about the hybrid system and shows graphs of your mileage over time.
The navigation system itself is pretty nice. You can store multiple addresses. The screen dims for night driving. There is information on distance to destination and time to go. Turn by turn directions are provided. A high end Garmin or Tom Tom may have a slight edge on screen information like speed monitoring that changes to red if you are 5 miles over the speed limit on many roads.
For the "Cool Factor" the flip up screen can't be beat in my opinion.
All the controls are via a joy stick by your right hand. No screen touching necessary.
Plus with the Navigation system you get the back up camera that gives almost a fish eye view behind you. Very useful s the back window is small with limited view.
If you don't continue the XM radio after the 3 month trial you lose the traffic notification part. That is an extra cost on the XM package anyway. I'm not sure how useful it is as I have gotten stuck in traffic and the traffic sensor has everything clear. XM wants about $4.00 extra a month for the traffic in addition to the $12.95 monthly charge. You save a little if you go for a year or more prepayment.
The Navigation system MSRP on my invoice was $2445 plus it upgrades the audio system for another $1100. More speakers, 6 CD changer (wish it was a 40GB hard drive instead)
So the add ons for these conveniences is $3545. Plus Lexus probably has more charges after the free year with Lexus Enform and destination assist call in to an operator (never used it) if you want to keep it.
It all depends what is important to you. I have a Tom Tom in an old Honda pilot. Yes it's nice but you have the wire running into the cigarette lighter and it just doesn't look great perched on my dashboard or suction cupped to the windshield. Plus I always to reach and touch the Tom Tom screen if I want to change something.
I opted not to get the leather package and went with the Nulux instead and splurged for the Navigation and sound systems.
If you don't want to look at the screen press a button and it flips down. The default is for the screen to always come up when you start the car.
I never had a car with built in Navigation and after many years of driving I wanted it. It was not something I was willing to give up.
I have no doubt you will really like the Navigation System. It just depends on your preferences.
Hope this helps.
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