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My "Ship" is coming in....

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....I got the news yesterday! My ship...(with my 2011 CT200h on board) will be coming into the port of Jacksonville Florida around the 11th of July. This will set a delivery around the 18th of July. For those keeping score, and God knows this includes just about everyone on this board, I ordered my Car on March 19th with a $1000 deposit. I ordered a non-navigation car with Smoky Granite Mica for the color with Eccru for the interior. The only things to be put on in Jacksonville are the door sills and the bumper applique. So..... for me after MONTHS of's beginning to look like "Christmas in July" for me!
So excited...will keep everyone updated....if your date of order was around the middle of March....hang in there....your "lottery number" or Ship may come in any day!!!:)
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Congrats, you will love this car! I am impatient/impulsive (or so my wife says) so I bought the showroom model one trim line under what I wanted in mid April rather than waiting and I am so happy I did! Someone on this site said this is the first car they actually look forward to driving everyday and after 2 months and a lot of time behind the wheel I can say the same!
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