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My Matador Red Mica CT

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Matador Red Mica CT does not appear to be a popular color so wanted to promote it by posting some pics.

Also to note is I painted the stock 17" silver wheels last weekend to a "Liquid Graphite" color close to what is available on most other Lexus vehicles. Always loved this color and believe it enhances the car's look over the stock silvers. It's a subtle darker shade more noticeable in person than in the pics. Third pic is a "Before" shot - front wheel shows the light silver compared to the first + second pics.

Looking for honest opinions. What do you think?
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Wow, that's my color. It looks beautiful. Mine should arrive an a couple of weeks. I have a 2009 RX 350 Matador Red Mica. I like the wheel color on my RX, but it is difficult to tell the difference in your pictures. It is because the sun was different on the before shot.
<3 pretty.
Thanks guys.

Dkid. Yeah the sun made the wheels look different within the same pic - weird - plus took the pics from my BB (not the greatest quality). The closest to the actual real-life color is looking at the front wheels in the second (after-shot) picture and third (before-shot) picture. There you can see the lighter (stock) silver versus the next darker shade I made.
Wow, that thing is gleaming! I know who's been waxing there baby. It looks GREAT!
Looks great!
Oooh, wheels look great. My order is Matador Red. Maybe Canadians have a thing for red. Imagine his and her Matador Red and Starfire Pearl - very Canadian. Our dealer has only had 4 CTs in and has told me that there has been a his and hers purchase (came back for the second one). Probably the only way to stop the fight for the keys!
That is truly gorgeous! I love the Lexus red. My favorite is the white, but red is second. What color is your interior? A local dealer here has one CT's red with nuluxe caramel. Oooooooh. But a friend of mine just bought a Lexus RX350...the same red with black interior. A knockout.

I can tell the difference in your wheel color. Nice touch. I do like the slightly darker more gray silver color, as opposed to the whitish silver color. It would never have occurred to me to do that. I'm wondering if the paint will peel off, though, over time?
Thanks for the compliments. I got the Nuluxe black interior. In Canada, no choice but black Nuluxe, unfortunately, though I like it on the red.

As for the paint, I bought automotive-grade paint and clear gloss. I lightly sanded (600 grit) the wheels prior (as per instructions), so I'm not too worried. I did something similar to my 04'RX after the gorgeous original Lexus-finish Liquid Graphite stock 18" wheels sadly began to fade (harsh Canadian winters). Needless to say, the paint job I did had no peeling or finishing issues for the two additional years I had the vehicle. The thing I never did after the paint job was use those spray on wheel cleaners. I simply use gentle car soap to wash. Didn't want to take a chance then and I won't now with the CT.
Added a closeup shot of the wheel at the start of this thread.

I didn't paint the center cap (for now) so you can see the color difference
Looking good, did you get any tint? I think in Ontario the Lexus dealers offer Levels of tint, and some dealers only do Level 1 now because Level 2 is illegal in Quebec.
Yeah, did the tint 35%, but not with Lexus. They wanted $600, double the cost elsewhere.
Hey corrado mr2, I just went back in the threads and I notice that you ordered the red with the touring package on March 13. Funny, I laid my money down on March 3 in eastern Ontario and I now wondering if I will ever see my baby. Wahhh..
Hopefully you see it soon. It all depends on the dealership, I've heard stories about some dealers not willing to do dealer swaps.
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