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I decided not to mess around and get the Morimoto Elite H11 kit 3Five with the standard Morimoto bulbs from the I also went for the plug n play can-bus set up. I actually bought the kit in May, but did not get around to installing them until Labor Day weekend.

I really took my time to install them and when I lit them up, I was very happy with the warm up time and color. They buzz during warm up, and after a few seconds, dead quiet. I got the 5000k because I wanted the color to be whiter then OEM. They look really good. I wanted to mount the ballasts somewhere using the bracket/bolt. On the passenger side I actually found a nice hole to bolt it to right next to the windshield wiper fluid where it hung down vertically but snug against the front body. On the driver side, I looked straight down and saw a nice hole flat that fit the mounting bolt perfectly. So I mounted it flush down lower. On both sides I tidied up the wires using lock ties against other larger braided/shielded cables in the area. I didn't want stuff flopping around in there.

During my first short evening trip, I noticed the light to be very good and the spread really nice. I did notice thin shadows pointing straight out in front of me low on the road. I thought it could be due to the return wire on the bulbs, and after watching the recent video from retrosource describing the newer Morimoto XB35 H11b bulbs verses the standard 3Five H11 bulbs, I now know why.
The mounting in many Japanese cars will face the standard H11 bulb with that bar upwards which will cause this shadow. The XB35 11b will face it downward and will fix this. I wish I would've seen this before I ordered the standard ones in May, but I think that these newer ones just came out recently. I just placed my order and will probably ebay my standard bulbs as used or keep them as a backup.

Seriously though these look really good. I think the warranty is 5 years and if you look at the reviews for these on TRS, I don't think you can go wrong. I played around with cheap Xentec crap on my old car for fun, but these Morimoto equipment is pro.

Standard 3Five H11

XB35 H11b
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