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My crazy ct life after winter. My ct my only one

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Bottom engine covers, Some splash covers in wheel /fender area. After harsh winter I need do some diy give some a lot of tlc. Plus its due for all the critical maintenance services, including the other issues discuss in the forum. Starting see the sign of the gaskets degrading on the engine head gaskets. Do my 2nd EGR system cleaning. Currently @125k a 2014 base trim. Im having difficult time locating, getting this parts and know their exact terminology. Found a few but still need some thats unavailable or they’re really expensive that I really don’t want to buy. Hate to consider it but maybe moving on to another. I really don’t want that. I rather drive around without the covers. Basically plastics covers from front bumper to rear wheels. Needs to do replaced or do a repair hack to re attached. Looking for suggestions, terminology to parts. Best way to locate parts and any tips and tricks will help, . Without the pieces on the bottom. The Road noise is bad and lots of rattling while driving abouve 45. Also lower my mpg by 8-10 mpg.
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