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My 2012 CT F Sport from Sunny Phoenix, AZ

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Hi All,

Got my CT F Sport last April. Almost two months old! By far the best car I've owned! Getting 42mpg with AC always on at 78 degrees F in 112 F degree Phoenix weather. :)

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Cool car. What part of PHX I'm at Desert Ridge.
Thanks!! I'm North Phoenix. If you have a chance would love to see pics of your ride. :)
Let's meet at in and out by sportsmans sometime.
Congrats! I love the F-sport in white, if I wouldn't have 2 white ar before the CT I would have get that! Enjoy your ride!
Let's meet at in and out by sportsmans sometime.
sounds good just pm and let me know when you are down.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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