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Others have posted on this forum that they received (or heard about others) who received $1K off MSRP after filling out a card at the Lexus booth at a car show. The only other discount I'm aware of is the so-called $1K "loyalty discount" offered to previous Lexus buyers. That's what I received two weeks ago when I bought my CT after having purchased an ES350 from the same dealer last year. Sticker on my Tungsten Silver CT200h Premium with $661 worth of accessories came to $32,436; I paid $31,436 plus T&L.

I suspect that folks will be able to wheel and deal after the CT inventory increases throughout the country. No one at my dealer knows what impact the tragedy in Japan will have on the production of the cars. Or if they do, they're not saying. It's possible (likely?) that some dealers will make the claim that inventory is and will be restricted for the near future because of the quake as a lever to sell the CT200s at full factory list, even if it's not entirely factual. All dealers are in the game to make money, and for them it's a balancing act on what's available and how much the public will pay.

I don't begrudge dealers for making what they can on the sale of a car. Their operation is very complex when you consider their huge overhead (salaries, advertising, building costs, taxes, utilities, etc.) coupled with their flooring costs (interest they have to pay on their existing inventory). Remember, they have to 'purchase' their inventory from the manufacturer, usually through a line of credit they have to pay interest on.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not sticking up for the dealers. There is no question that they have a distinct advantage over most buyers because they know exactly how the sale of new cars operates whereas the general public doesn't. There are lots of factors like dealer holdback and dealer add-ons like paint protection, service plans and extended warranties that are high-profit items that put money in the dealers' pockets beyond the sale of the car itself. Ditto with financing.

After all is said in done, it comes down to one question: Are you happy with the car and what you paid for it? You can lose a lot of sleep worrying that someone may have received a better deal than you. No matter what car you buy, you won't be completely happy with it if you fret that you paid too much. Just enjoy it for what it is.
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