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Modellista Sport Springs

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Just have the Modellista sport springs installed yesterday and I'm very pleased with the 1 1/4" drop as well as the increased stability... the damage is around USD 650.00 including the installation.

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Whooo!!! Congrats... looks great.

Do you have a link to where they can be purchased? I've ordered my wheels and want to wait for springs before installing them.
How much stiffer are the springs in comparison to the OEM?
Looks good - how much drop?

Still plenty of space between tires and body!
Looks fantastic... what wheels are those... is that a Smokey Granite Mica color? Can't wait for my car to come in... only 3+ months to go :-(

Has anyone found a US source for the Modellista body kit and parts yet? I can see myself tricking out the outside of the car for sure...
i'm liking the color of your car very much. looks good, but i hope the f sport springs lower the car more than the modellista sport springs.

jimbo, the wheels look like wedsport wheels.
What kinda wheels are those? Specs? Car looks awesome!
Looks great!!! Where did u purchase the springs???
Also is it me or is the front higher than the rear?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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