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Modellista Body kit for CT200h!

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That looks great, but quad-tip dual exhaust on a hybrid? Buwhahahaha...
It is a nice looking kit, even with the quad exhaust!
Yeah, the kit looks super clean. I just don't understand those who want to quad out the exhaust. This isn't the first time I've seen people do it, so I guess it may actually be a real option. That aside, this kit does look really nice.
Thanks for sharing! The kit looks great on the CT200!
I'm hoping the centre section of the front lip is actually carbon fibre.

On my IS300, I run an RMM (Rod Millen Motorsports) lip and it has a carbon fibre centre section.
Any update on where to get just the front lip? IMO one of the cleanest factory-looking lips for the CT!!
search the For Sale area. There is someone selling them. or PM me. I can connect you with the seller.
^^^ besides the lip, is the rest of hte kit fs from your guy who is selling ?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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