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Howdy....had to trade in my 2011 CT200h with almost 200k miles....sad to see her go but ended up buying a 2015 CT200h....woohoo!!!
Anyway, I know I started a couple of threads about mounting my V1 and finding power from the mirror....but on my 2015 the wiring harness seems to have a few more wires due to the back up issue is I can not probe with my tester and figure out which one is ignition powered due to the tight space...I assume the black wire in the attached picture is ground and maybe red is positive but can't get in there to check...Does any one have experience with this wiring harness set up or have a schematic of the wiring diagram....any help would be appreciated! I would like to tap into 2 separate ignition-on wires to hook up dash-cam and radar...thanks in advance!!


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