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METAL oil filter housing: 15620-40030

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So I have seen some discussions on other Prius forums and this forum also about Toyota using the plastic filter housings and how they get stuck and are extremely hard to get off at your next oil change.

I hate the plastic housings also.

When they crack or break, you can buy another Toyota plastic housing, or Dorman makes a cheap replacement housing, but it's plastic also.

So I started looking through Toyota's catalog of parts and looking to see what other cars have similar setups, but with METAL housings instead.

I came across and purchased the following housing and accessories (on eBay for $19.97 with free shipping) and will be putting it on my car at the next oil change:

Toyota Part Number
1. 15620-40030 (Main oil filter housing)
2. 15643-31050 (Oil filter housing plug)
3. 96723-35028 (Oil filter housing plug o-ring)

The reasons why I went with a metal housing is because:
1. I can get the filter cartridges much cheaper then the metal oil filters.
2. Less overall waste
3. I don't need the adapter plate to install onto my timing cover to make the metal oil filters work for my car
4. It's a direct replacement for the plastic housing and its a Toyota part.

This housing fits the 2012-2015 Scion iQ. Why the iQ got a metal housing and the CT didn't...I don't have clue! šŸ˜

If anyone has any questions just ask away.

Hope I can help someone out looking for a replacement metal oil filter housing for their plastic one. I can provide pictures for those that want a comparison of the two parts (plastic vs. metal).
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