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I'd like to share that I do not like leather seats and would never want them. Many people I know share this view.
Unfortunately, several of the interesting extra's on the ct200h are only available in the lux version, which can't be ordered without the leather seats.
So, please, Lexus, don't keep confusing leather with luxury: it's offputting for some of your customers and it's an old-fashioned idea imho. At least give customers the choice not to have them!

I ended up ordering the next-highest spec ct200h and added all options except the leather seats; unfortunately, sadly, without the hifi set from Mark Levinson, for which I would have gladly paid much, much more. Sunroof was also not an option :( Now Im just crossing my fingers to see if the standard audio set (incl satnav) is any good (with most luxury car brands, standard car hifi is pretty average).
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