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Maintenance required, coming up on 40,000. Couple of questions.

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Hi. Thanks for clicking. I bought a 2013 ct2005h in late May. It was something like 37500 and is coming up on 40,000. I bought from a sort of generic car dealer. Not a Lexus dealership. The fluid were new and the oil was clean. I do not have a manual. I recently started getting a "maintenance required soon" message. Now it's "maintenance required". First question is whether or not these messages are user programmed or are they by the car cpu or what? It is a 40,000 mile type of message or is it more related to the last oil change. I am assuming it's not any type of "immediate attention" (check engine) type of message. Is that right?

In addition I was hoping to tap the knowledge base in a general sense. This is the newest and nicest car I've owned. I used to change my own oil but recently it makes the most sense to bring it to a local garage with a fair/low price for an oil change. For this first service in the ct200h I decided to contact a local Lexus dealer near my work and schedule service. I'll be bringing it in this coming Tuesday. I figure I maybe should have someone really familiar with the car have a good look at it. I forget everything the dealer mentioned for service but I know I don't want a tire rotation because the back tires are worn and the front are fine. I plan to replace the back tires in the fall. Anyway it's going to be about $145 or something. I guess this includes a car to borrow to take to work and back. That all said is there anything I should be thinking about, conscious of or what have you? I'm not even sure how frequent an oil change is recommended in this car. 3000 miles? I feel a bit like a sucker bringing it to Lexus but I also feel a little safer since it's new to me and whatnot. I am worried they will find issues and try to sell me on expensive fixes and crap like that.

Also how does the scheduling work. The message I got. Suppose I change the filters and oil myself. Do I need to do something to let the cpu know? how does that work?

Any tips or info for me? Thanks so much!!
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Do you have Sat Nav?
On my 2011 SE L Premier I can turn the maintenance schedule on and off and can enter individual items in.

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