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"Issues: A major issue is that the car is too low so front bumper scrapes are a problem as are scrapes on the bottom of the passenger door." Shouldn't be become familiar with our car before we drive?

"Getting into the car is not easy as I have a dodgy knee". See #1.

The heart rending crunch of the mags on the kerb is also all too common. Only when the driver parks too close to the kerb! Come on now... this is not the car's fault. Got to take some personal responisibility here.

The suspension is way to stiff (try driving a C class Lexus engineers) Yes; then they'll CHARGE us for a "C" class car!

On the positive side, I think it's a good sign that you're even writing about a car after a year.
I was still carrying a picture of my 2002 Subaru WRX wagon in my wallet 10 years later. Now THAT'S love.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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