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Love, lust or lucked out

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So now over a year old what's your honest opinion of the CT. Is it still love, lust or has it lucked out. I'll give you my opinion from an aussie perspective.

I have a 2011 CT and have been generally happy with it. Infact I've recommended it to workmates and 2 of them have purchased one.

Positives: Wife loves it, great radar cruise control, nice stereo system, love the fuel efficiency, adequate power (don't know what the fuss is about a lack of power) and superbly comfortable seats with spine tingling heat warmers.

Negatives: Being a first model and mine is an early build there are a number of quality problems. Although the dealer has fixed these it usually takes 2 visits to sort it out as the initial response is to 'adjust' rather than replace. I have had replaced the passenger door grab handle, the moonroof motor and gear set and the window tint on 2 doors that was bubbling and creasing. They were unable to find an irritating dash vibration and rattle which I have localised myself and will bring it back for a definitive repair. The satnav system also shuts down unexpectedly then reboots. Apparently a fault with the satnav DVD.

Issues: A major issue is that the car is too low so front bumper scrapes are a problem as are scrapes on the bottom of the passenger door. Getting into the car is not easy as I have a dodgy knee. The heart rending crunch of the mags on the kerb is also all too common. The suspension is way to stiff (try driving a C class Lexus engineers) and the cabin noisy on all but smooth freeways. The NVH is definately not to the standard of other Lexus models.

Rants: Just one. I don't like the way Australians are unfairly penalised when they purchase a Lexus compared to our US friends. Accessories here a very limited without even touch up paint being available for purchase and features such as blue tooth streaming and voice activation for satellite navigation are deactivated. Why? Even the new cheap Prius C has these features .

Regrets: The price of the car was set too high initially in Australia and Lexus has been back tracking with a succession of special 'drive away deals' ever since I bought the car. Not great for the already poor 3 year resale value of the car listed by Australia's Wheels magazine as about 50%. Drive away price for a fullly loaded new sports luxury CT with sports body kit is $63000 US dollars based on current exchange rates.

On a long drive on a smooth highway with the moonroof open and the stereo pounding all is forgiven. Love it still is but the lust has faded.
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I bought mine for the mileage and the styling and I'm quite happy with those. The fact that its substantially sportier (but not quite as comfortable) as my last car (an RX300) is pleasantly surprising and I do absolutely love all the technology in the car. I'm sure a ot of new cars have the same cool tech but since my last was a 2000 version its all new to me.

I'm also banking on the same long-term Lexus quality that I got out of the 12 year old RX but thats still a "we'll see" since theres no way to tell at this early date.

As to the cost of a CT in Australia, why on earth would anyone pay $60,000 for a CT!!!
That beggars belief, to be honest.
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